The 1980s Mr. Krauze spent in Paris, where he worked with theatre director Jorge Lavelli.

Thanks to this collaboration Mr. Krauze has created music for theatre plays for Comédie-Française and Theatre National de la Colline: Macbett (E. Ionesco), Le Public (F. G. Lorca), Réveille-toi Philadelphie! (F. Billetdoux), Opérette (W. Gombrowicz), Polyeucte (P. Corneille).


Krauze: Musiques pour Lavelli, Macbett

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Zygmunt Krauze is one of the few composers performing his own compositions.


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Zygmunt Krauze's works has been appreciated by critics all over the world.


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About the art, the sensitivity and distinctive style of music has been written a lot.