At a certain moment Krauze felt that unitary form can absorb any sound material, not only that which is specially composed for it. This can be folk music, music written by other composers, anonymous music, music from the past, etc. While continuing to create unitary form he began to utilize extraneous sound material.

Sometimes he used musical quotations, at other times he transformed quotations and composed original music which was similar to previously existing music. However his interest in musical quotations existed only to the extent in which they were useful for creating unitary form.

This formula was worked out in such compositions as: Folk Music (1972), Aus aller Welt stammende (1973), Idyll (1974), Soundscape (1975), Suite de danses et de chansons (1977).


Aus aller Welt Stammende, część III, Sinfonia Varsovia

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