The form without contrasts, in its essence, has neither a beginning nor an end. This music can have an arbitrary time length. It can be interrupted at any moment and this will not change its basic traits.

The musical form creates the possibility of a new mode of perception. In the ideal situation the music would be continually played. The listener would come at a convenient time and leave whenever he considered it appropriate.

This music waits for the listener. It lends itself to the possibility of listening in an architectural setting, different from that of the traditional concert halls.

Musical Space Compositions are works like: Spatial-Musical Composition No. 1 and No. 2, Warsaw (1968, 1970), Fête galante e pastorale, Graz (1974), Rivière souterraine, Metz (1987).


Krauze: Aria

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Zygmunt Krauze is one of the few composers performing his own compositions.


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