Soloists, choir, orchestra  
Libretto: Krystyna and Blaise de Obaldia

World premiere: 20 November 2015, Baltic Opera in Gdansk

Musical Director: Maja Metelska
Stage Director: Jerzy Lach
Set Designer: Hanna Szymczak
Costume Designer: Marlena Skoneczko
Choir Master: Anna Michalak


Robespierre: Jan Jakub Monowid
Stanisława: Anna Mikołajczyk
Olimpia: Monika Ledzion
Stanisław: Stanisław Kierner
Saint Just: Przemysław Baiński
Prince Philip: Mateusz Teliński
Marquess: Marian Kępczyński
Simone: Marzena Ostryńska
Abel: Marcin Miloch
Officer: Witalij Wydra
Amedine: Joanna Wesołowska
Zelina: Magdalena Nanowska

Orchestra and Choir of Baltic Opera

conductor: Maja Metelska

About this opera: 

In “Olympia of Gdansk” we hear Stanisława Przybyszewska, a writer, drug addict and lover of her own father, who is possessed by imaginary love to Robespierre and who is trying to finish her book. She admires Olympe de Gouges, a hero of the French Revolution and author of the Declaration of Women's Rights and identifies herself with her. Real and imagined figures appear in nine opera scenes. Stanisława is dreaming, she is also suffering from morphine-induced hallucinations. The opera is sung in Polish and in French. 

 What I am looking for in the opera is the man, his character, attitude and emotions. Singing is supposed to multiply the experiences and emotional conflicts of the characters. It is that kind of the opera in which the role of theatre element is equivalent to music. Music is subordinate to word. “Olympia of Gdansk” continues the theatrical and dramatical opera trend, just like my five previous operas (Gwiazda [The Star], Baltazar [Balthasar], Iwona księżniczka Burgunda [Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy], Polieukt [Polyeucte] and Pułapka [The Trap]).