The adaptation of Zygmunt Krauze's "The Star" was Agata Zubel's idea. At first it was meant to be an electroacoustic realization of the instrumental parts from the chamber version of the opera. The actual sounds of the instruments used in the score were supposed to be the basic material. However, then I decided that spreading the unistic theory on to the area of texture and colour would be more interesting. I decided to treat unism "totally". It demanded a great deal of effort from Agata, as she had to perform all of the instrumental parts of the symphonic version of the opera. Then these recorded parts were amplified, so that maintaining the timbre of Agata's voice they would imitate the orchestra's instruments and create a homogenous, symphonic sound.

Cezary Duchnowski about the new version of Zygmunt Krauze's The Star

1st VERSION (1981):

2 sopranos, 2 mezzo-sopranos, alto voice; tenor saxophone, trumpet, percussion, accordion, electric guitar, violin and double-bass
ca 55'
Libretto: Helmut Kajzar
Edition: Universal Edition, Wien

World premiere: 7th April 1982, Nationaltheater Mannheim.

Peter Rasky - direction
Donald Runnicles - musical direction

Astrid Schimer and Sabine Sipos - soloists

Commission: Nationaltheater Mannheim

2nd VERSION (1994)

Soprano, mezzo-soprano, orchestra, choir and ballet
ca 55'
Libretto: Helmut Kajzar
Manuscript by the composer

First performance: 12th June 1994, Wroclaw Opera

Stefan Szlachtycz - staging and direction
Zygmunt Krauze - musical direction

Jolanta Zmurko and Elzbieta Kaczmarzyk - soloists
Commission: Ministry of Culture and Art, Warsaw

3rd VERSION (2006):

Soprano, computer and two camera-men
ca 50'

First performance: 19th January 2006, Teatr Polski, Wroclaw

Cezary Duchnowski - electroacustic adaptation and music direction
Agata Zubel - soloist

Andrzej Makowiecki - direction
Stanislaw Chwiszczuk - video
Marek Stanielewicz - costumes and scenography

Following productions:

Warsaw premiere: 21st June 1985, The National Theatre.

Wojciech Szulczynski - direction
Bogdan Hoffman - musical direction
The Star - Halina Slonicka, Krystyna Szostek Radkowa
Voice II - Wanda Bargielowska, Maria Olkisz
Voice III - Ewa Gawronska, Hanna Zdunek
Voice IV - Krystyna Jazwinska, Elzbieta Panko
Voice V - Maria Olkisz, Maria Vranova

Hamburg premiere: 15th June 1986, Staatsoper.

Helmut Danninger - direction and staging
Zygmunt Krauze - musical direction

The Star - Hildegard Uhrmacher
The Servant - Horst Schweimler
An actress - Simone Alex

Soloists from Philharmonischen Staatsorchestrer: Christa Bohnhoff, Dorothea Nerlich-Kruse, Anne Pellekorne, Linda Plech, Martina Su

Paris premiere: June 1989, Theatre National de la Colline.

Jorge Lavelli - direction

Viorica Cortez (mezzo-soprano), Sylvie Valayre, Françoise Degeroges, Muriel Lluch, Laure Mailfert, Denise Poray - soloists

Ensemble Musique Vivante: Claude Barthélémy, Pierre Blanchard, Felipe Canales, Jean-Louis Chautemps, Gilbert Roussel, Gérard Siracusa
Zygmunt Krauze - conductor


Film "Gwiazda"
Reżyseria:  Stefan Szlachtycz
TVP S.A. 1995, 50 minut
Wg sztuki Helmuta Kajzara. W roli głównej Jolanta Żmurko.
Soliści i zespół Opery Wrocławskiej