Exordium for baritone and symphony orchestra – world premiere in Silesian Philharmonic

Silesian Philharmonic, Katowice

EKO KONCERT | Bręk | Shemet | Silesian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra
18 September 2020 / 19:00
Karol Stryja Concert Hall, Silesian Philharmonic


Jarosław Bręk – baritone
Yaroslav Shemet – conductor
Symphony Orchestra of the Silesian Philharmonic


Ludwig van Beethoven – 6th Symphony in F major Op. 68 Pastoral
Zygmunt Krauze – Exordium for baritone and symphony orchestra – world premiere
Piotr Czajkowski – 5th Symphony in E minor Op. 64


About the composition:

for baritone and orchestra (2020)

The work is inspired by the preamble to the Polish Constitution. Hence the title – Exordium – meaning introduction.  This beautiful text, speaking of community, the past and equality of people, expresses in an emotional way concern for the existence of all, all people.  It is not a political text; rather, it has a humanistic character.

The music emphasizes the expression of the words that the soloist sings, shouts, and chants. It is suggested that the soloist be dressed in everyday, ordinary clothing, thus emphasizing that the words he speaks represent every member of the community.

Exordium is a one-movement work with a duration of 13 minutes, commissioned by the Silesian Philharmonic under the Composer’s Commissions program, which is operated by the Institute of Music and Dance. The first performance took place on September 18, 2020 at the Silesian Philharmonic in Katowice. The performers were: Jarosław Bręk – baritone and the Silesian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra conducted by Yaroslav Shemet.

Zygmunt Krauze


The publisher of Zygmunt Krauze’s works is PWM Edition





Co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from funds of the Culture Promotion Fund as part of the “Composer’s commissions” program, implemented by the Institute of Music and Dance.





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