Yemaya – Queen of the Seas at the Wroclaw Opera

Wrocław Opera

May 31, 2022, Tuesday at 18:00

Wrocław Opera

About the performance

Yemaya – Queen of the Seas, is another work that joined the repertoire of Wroclaw Opera in October 2019, and is aimed at family audiences. This is a special spectacle in the opera’s repertoire, which is intended to fulfill not only cultural and popularizing functions among children and families, but also to build relationships based on mutual sensitization to beauty and the other person. Moreover, the premiere of the work is part of the policy of promoting the works of Polish composers, which is one of the main objectives of the Wroclaw Opera. The work by Zygmunt Krauze was commissioned by Wroclaw Opera.

According to Małgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk, the author of the libretto: “Yemaya – Queen of the Seas is a story about a father and a son. The six-year-old protagonist of the story, Omar, loves his father and his father loves him. However, the father does not accept in his son his gentleness and spirituality. He believes that in the cruel times they live in, such qualities are unmanly. Omar, who is raised without a mother, learns that for a father to be what he is is unacceptable. He learns to hide himself from the only person he has in his life. For Omar, the whole world has a soul. Omar cares for and talks to the flowers on the balcony. They are his only friends.”


Yemaya – Maria Rozynek-Banaszak
Omar – Helena Czech
Father – Jacek Jaskuła
Shark – Jakub Michalski
Manta – Barbara Bagińska
Violet – Aleksander Zuchowicz
Balcony – Tomasz Rudnicki
Piece of Earth – Jedrzej Tomczyk
Stone – Bolesław Słowiński
Heart of the Ocean – Sergei Borzov
Heather – Piotr Bunzler and Pawel Walankiewicz
Rose – Maria Kulisiewicz
Wroclaw Opera Choir
Wroclaw Opera Children’s Choir
Wroclaw Opera Ballet
Wroclaw Opera Orchestra

Conductor: Henry Kennedy
Directed by: Hanna Marasz
Set Design: Matylda Kotlińska
Costumes: Anna Sekuła
Choreography: Łukasz Ożga
Lighting design: Tomasz Filipiak
Libretto: Małgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk
Chorus Direction: Anna Grabowska-Borys
Ballet direction: Marek Prętki
Children’s Choir Preparation: Liliana Jedrzejczak

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