For mezzo-soprano, baritone and chamber orchestra
fl./picc. cl. clb. sax sopr/bar. batt. 1 performer. acc. chit.el. hammond org. pfte. honky-tonk piano, mezzosoprano, baritone, suono el. archi.
PWM Kraków

September 12, 2018 / Sacrum Profanum Festival, Krakow


Hashtag Ensemble

Maciej Koczur – conductor

Maniucha Bikont – mezzo-soprano

Maciej Nerkowski – baritone


Text: UN Declaration of Human Rights

Sacrum Profanum Festival, The Warsaw Autumn Friends Foundation, Institute of Music and Dance

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights can be regarded as the first significant achievement of the UN in the field of protection of human rights. It was adopted in 1948.


Zygmunt Krauze – 70 years after the document was created and 100 years since Poland regained its independence – referring to the provisions of the Declaration, in his latest work he makes reflections on the condition of contemporary societies.


Composer’s latest piece, ‘The Declaration’ for 14 instruments, two voices and electronic sound will have its world premiere on September 12 in Krakow as part of the Sacrum Profanum festival. It will be performer by Hashtag Ensemble under the baton of Maciej Koczur.


Fragments of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations on December 10, 1948, are used in this work. In spite of the passing of so many years, some postulates of the declaration have not yet been fully implemented. This work reminds us of the painful fact of unfulfillment, and the inability of countries and politicians to harmonize their mutual relations according to the spirit of this document.


The Declaration (2018) reflects not only the important and relevant ideas contained in the UN Declaration, but also expresses my thoughts through the character and emotional state of specific fragments in the work.


The Declaration is a continuation of my interest in matters that are not only musical. Previously these interests have been brought into the open in the following compositions: Tableau Vivant(1982) – martial law in Poland; Hymn to Tolerance (2007) – devoted to the city of Jerusalem; Exodus 2016 (2016) – an image of the inhuman treatment of refugees; Terra Incognita (1994) – unpredictable and cruel Europe; Arabesque (1983) – the Arabic-French conflict; Blanc-Rouge (1985) – the drama of Polish history.


Zygmunt Krauze


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Source: PWM